Talk about constipation!

Forfatter Anna Mars, 26-11-2020

Sun Jung Oh et al present one of the largest cross-sectional, population based online surveys in the US with the aim to determine the prevalence and predictors of individuals seeking healthcare for their constipation and the use of and satisfaction with over-the-counter medications in treating constipation.

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Emne: bowel dysfunction, functional constipation, constipation

Sign-up for global webinar 'What is the best Bladder care'?

Forfatter Anna Mars, 04-11-2020

At Wellspect we continuously strive to make a real difference for people with bladder and bowel dysfunction. We also think it is important to spread and share knowledge about the area. In these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is extra important to find other channels to be able to meet and share knowledge and experience.

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Emne: rygmarvsskade, neurogen blære, Neurogenic bladder

Wellspect study grants for nurses for 2021

Forfatter Anna Mars, 08-10-2020

Did you know that Wellspect supports nurses who want to do research into  problems related to bladder or bowel? Since 2015, we have offered the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Nurses Study Grant and the European Society of Paediatric Urology (ESPU) Nurses research Grant since 2018. 

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Emne: EAUN, bladder and bowel interaction, ISCoS

96% of SCI patients at risk of UTI – can this be avoided?

Forfatter Anna Mars, 10-9-2020

This is the first study performed in Nepal to identify the rate of intermittent catheterization (IC) continuation after a rehabilitation program, among individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI). 

The results show perceived barriers to proper IC technique and continuation, among individuals and thus demonstrate the need to improve both patient and caregiver education to maintain the continuum of care for people with SCI using intermittent catheterization. 52% of the participants self-reported urinary tract infection two to three times a year.

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How to choose the best TAI system?

Forfatter Anna Mars, 13-8-2020

Choosing the optimal irrigation system for each individual may dictate success and long-term adherence, but the choice can be overwhelming.

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Emne: scientific article