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Forfatter Anna Mars, 04-11-2020

At Wellspect we continuously strive to make a real difference for people with bladder and bowel dysfunction. We also think it is important to spread and share knowledge about the area. In these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is extra important to find other channels to be able to meet and share knowledge and experience.

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Emne: rygmarvsskade, neurogen blære, Neurogenic bladder

Survey: Fear of infection among SCI injured during COVID-19

Forfatter Anna Mars, 11-6-2020

This is the first publication that assess the number one concern individuals with spinal cord injury or disorder (SCI/D) may have related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data spans over six continents and describes the vulnerable situation for these individuals in the pandemic crisis.

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Emne: rygmarvsskade, COVID19

Neurogen dysfunktion i de nedre urinveje, set fra tre perspektiver: Rygmarvsskade, rygmarvsbrok og Multipel Sklerose

Forfatter Mette Olesen, 24-7-2019

En hyppig årsag til dysfunktion i de nedre urinveje er neurologiske skader som følge af rygmarvsskade, rygmarvsbrok eller Multipel Sklerose. På trods af, at hverdagen for disse mennesker er forskellig, har de mange af de samme problemer i forhold til blæren.

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Emne: rygmarvsskade, multipel sklerose (MS), rygmarvsbrok